Write for Us

Are you aiming to become a professional writer?

Starting online is one of the best things you can decide on for your career. While having your own personal blog is fine, having a portfolio showing published work will help you pad your resume when the day comes that you want to move on to a larger publication.

As such, we would like to say that On the Rocs Lounge is aiming to add more writers to our writing family!

Do you have a love or affinity toward gambling?

This website aims to provide information and tips borne from first hand experience. If you have an organic curiosity in gambling and have your own experiences—we would love to have you on the team! We aim to have people who can share their own personal understanding of the hobby and offer their own events for analysis.

Can you write ethically and in a conversational manner?

While we are a professional publication, we aim to carry a highly conversational tone with our readers. After all, this is a publication that aims to help others with their own gambling experiences. No one wants to be lectured and we aim to keep that tone away from our articles.

We only ask that our writers be able to write unique and original content.

Join Our Writing Family!

Like we mentioned earlier, On the Rocs Lounge is looking to welcome more writers into our midst! If you believe that you would be able to fit well with us, send us a message or find our information through our contact page.