About Us

First of all, thank you for showing interest in our page! That said, welcome to On the Rocs Lounge! We are glad to have you here!  On the Rocs Lounge is a website that dedicated to anything and everything about the world of gambling.

Gambling, as an activity, is something that has gotten a rather ill-deserved reputation throughout the years. This is something that we feel should be driven away bit by bit. That is what this website is going to try to do.

Who’s who?

This website is run by gambling enthusiasts. We know that there are over a hundred other sites that claim to have the best interests of gamblers. We intend to support that call and add to the wealth of information that only comes from the first-hand experience of people who gamble responsibly.

What You Can Expect

Like we’ve mentioned, this is a resource website that aims to blow away the negative reputation that gambling has obtained through the years. We aim to achieve that through carefully building articles that offer a wealth of information toward sustainable and wholly responsible gambling.

We hope that you can learn a lot from us! If you have anything in particular that you would like to ask us about, our doors are open for you! Head on to our contact page to get a handle on how to get in touch!